2JZ-GTE in sequential mode

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2JZ-GTE in sequential mode

Post by SSC_Master » Fri Dec 15, 2017 6:40 pm

Hi engine enthusiast,

I’m a 2JZ-GTE driver who comes from the middle of Europe and owns a really nice left hand steered supra.
At the moment I’m driving hybrid twins in parallel mode. To be honest, I’m missing the good old sequential turbo times.

Now I like to ask if somebody have ever tried to use the EMU to operate the turbo system in sequential mode, using one or more Param. Output to provide the vsv’s with ground ?

When I look at the attached document om page two there are plenty of signals involved in the whole process, but I think it should also be possible with less input signals.

Has anyone experiences in the area ?

New MKiV Features.pdf
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