Turning off smoothing or linear interpolation in graph log

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Turning off smoothing or linear interpolation in graph log

Post by LopinRD » Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:09 pm

I have noticed while trying to find errors, that the graph log interpolates between logged values. Or is there a way to increase the logging frequency? Im using a laptop directly.

For example: 3 log lines i guess?
TPS: 5%
TPS: 10%
TPS 31%

In the graph log moving from left to right if i move the line mark to where the TPS is 9% i can find that the Tune Display says 10%, in the graph log when i reach TPS 10% the tune display jumps to 31% and when i arrive at 31% in the graph log it switches to the next captured value.

Is there a way to turn this smoothing, interpolation off? it makes diagnostics kind of hard.

TPS vs DBW Target. I know my PID is waaay off.

What im reading because of the smoothing on the tune display:
DBW Target 11.00% TPS 5%
DBW Target 21.50% TPS 10%
DBW Target 31.50% TPS 31%

But in the graph log im seeing like the DBW Target moving along 11% 12% 13% 16% until it hits the next real value (21.50%) and suddenly the data jumps to 31.50% but while moving in the log u get the interpolation details.

In the map traces with saved logs the trace jumps around according to data. But when u have the Graph log showing interpolated values it makes it hard to know why im seeing what im seeing in the normal log values vs the graph log values. And its even harder because when u arrive from 5% to 10% when u put the mark line on 10% TPS on the graph log, all normal log data (Basic, DBW, etc) have already jumped to the next logged value. So in that moment u are reading 10% but all maps and logs are saying 31% (next value)

Maybe an option to get pure logged data with ugly unsmoothed twitchy lines? or make marks (dots) where the logged value is, that would help identify if im between interpolated values or real values. I feel it would help a bit because those are the true values on the log.

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