Idle fuel table or zero throttle table

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Idle fuel table or zero throttle table

Post by Brojoehen » Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:18 pm

Is there an idle fuel table or a zero throttle fuel table? I have this s14 Sr20det with stock injectors and have to have the VE numbers in low 30s to achieve some ok lambda numbers. I’ve looked around for a long time and don’t see any other fuel table here and the numbers don’t make sense. Then when we come off of idle and try to drive away, and we are near these low number VE load point, it’s super lean and bucks hard.

The rest of the VE map doesn’t look correct either, anything off of idle the lowest VE numbers are in the 80s and moves up from there. Drop in pon cams, stock injectors 370cc set up in map. IACV disabled

Thanks for any help , don’t have the map right now for upload as on my phone.

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