V10 Falcon

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V10 Falcon

Post by FIXR7 » Thu Jul 06, 2017 5:32 am

G'day folks,

I'm currently looking into engine management for my V10 powered Falcon panelvan.
I've been searching for awhile for the right system. Initially I was going to use the stock F-series Super Duty PCM but tuning support via the usual suspects is limited and I don't want DBW. I also looked at Holley Dominator but, while it can sequentially fire all ten cyls and run the COP ignition in the same way it's not able to control a 6R80 trans(and they won't give an answer as to when it will be able to) and it's at least 3k U.S....not happening when I have to spend U.S. 1K on the Trans controller anyway!
Next I found the Pro-M ECU which is effectively a Spanish Oak PCM from a GT500 that is real time programmable. So, it's super powerful but, even though they advertise Alpha-N,SD or MAF operation it's actually only available in MAF configuration which is fine but, once again; no trans control, no knock detection but still better value than the Holley @ U.S. 2.2k with custom harness.
So now I'm looking at this EMU stuff. I can bank fire 5x2 and waste spark the coils. I can get new Ford F250SD harness for about $300U.S. landed here so I'm thinking it's the way to go when I consider what I need to spend on trans control separately.
So has anyone used one of these EMU's on 10+ cyls? Will it cope with the Even-fire of this engine just fine? Is stereo HEGO on the horizon for any of these EMU's? I see it has dual knock which this engine already has.


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