Rover V8 and DET3

DET3 technical support
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Rover V8 and DET3

Post by marin » Sat Apr 07, 2018 9:24 pm

Hi guys,

I am considering running Rover V8 Lucas EFI with flapper MAF and low impedance injectors (currently) from 1989, and with distributor ignition, with a DET3.
I have just read all the documents on the Ecumaster website on DET3 and got an idea of the capabilities of the device, but couple of things I would like to ask about:
1. Fuel -> the current setup with the Lucas EFI ECU is very basic, it runs two banks 4 each (left and right) of injectors in turns. I will replace the current low impedance retro injectors with poor spray pattern and in poor condition (despite my efforts at reconditioning them) with decent high Z ones. I will want them to run again in two banks, just split not left-right but the first 4 in firing order, then the other 4. I would like to have the DET3 in fuel implant mode, using its inbuilt MAP so I can get rid of the flapper MAF and the original Lucas ECU ideally.

2. Ignition - this is trickier as right now the stock ECU has nothing to do with ignition. It is distributor based.
I will install 36-1 wheel and crank sensor - they are available for my engine, lots of megasquirt setups out there. The big question is - can I have the crank sensor input going to the DET3, and the output going to EDIS8 module which in turn drives coil packs, or to coil on plug (smart coils - with igniters) directly? In all the described scenarios in the DET3 manual there is ECU connected as either input, or output. Also can the DET3 run 8 smart coil on plugs, on many places in the documentation I see only 4 cyl as selected option or mentioned scenario.

A remark for the unfamiliar with the Rover V8 - this is actually Buick 215 sold/licensed to British Leyland in 1962 and manufactured in the UK for over 40 years since. It is very basic engine, and the EFI/ignition system I am trying to replace is also pretty basic - even for the period. People are running these with MS1 and are super happy with the results. I am looking at the DET3 as it is both way cheaper, and a commercial product which is properly engineered and designed. I understand EMU is the safe bet here. Before considering it (at its 4x price) I would like to walk the way and be sure what can and can't be achieved with the DET3.

Thanks everyone for reading this and for your help! :)

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Rover V8 and DET3

Post by MichaelShock » Mon Aug 06, 2018 8:03 am

My Lightroom works with both the A77 and A99 so it may be that you have an early version which isnt compatible.

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Rover V8 and DET3

Post by Ginared » Mon Dec 03, 2018 10:38 pm

I am toying with the idea of buying a 1DXII. Can anyone tell me if CS5 supports the new 1 DX II or will I have to bite the bullet and subscribe to Creative Cloud?

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