EGT2CAN usb cable fried my laptop

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EGT2CAN usb cable fried my laptop

Post by lakis1982 » Wed Nov 14, 2018 2:39 pm


i am bit frustrated with the Ecumaster products i have just setup and used..

I am using an ECUMASTER EMU serial version... On the serial port I attached the CANBUS module.. On the other end of the CANBUS module I have a CANBUS cable that goes:

1. to the EGT 2 CAN module
2. to the CAN BUS bluetooth module

At first I plugged the usb cable coming out of the EMU device to my laptop. It works fine and could see the EMU. However i was not able to see the EGT temps within the ecumaster software client and all i could see was a temp of 200C for all egt probes .. Why ???

THen , i plugged the second usb cable coming out of the EGT 2 CAN device to my laptop in order to check the EGT temps directly from there using the EGT 2 CAN software.. But when i plugged the usb cable to my laptop, the laptop shut down..I tried again, and then i started smelling like burned electronic from my laptop. I blamed the laptop because it was old and because at the same time i had plugged the charger cable on it.
But the next day i bought another laptop, and as soon as i plugged the EGT 2 CAN cable to the usb port of my laptop, the laptop shut down again!!!! It seems that my second laptop has almost started to dying.. They told me it still got some damage however it is still working somehow because i pligged of the usb cable very fast..

Please can you help ?? WHat happened ?? isnt there any failsafe from the EGT2CAN side to protect any problems like this.. How should i troubleshoot this case??? Please advise

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