270 degree Odd Fire Twin Bike

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270 degree Odd Fire Twin Bike

Post by WickedTRX » Tue Nov 06, 2018 7:27 pm

I have a TRX850 that i'm converting to EFI. Although the engine is a inline twin the crankpins are offset 90 degrees. I believe this is the first bike to have a 90 degree crossplane so popular now after 20 years.
I'll be using a trigger wheel with either 24 or 36 teeth with one missing, no cam sync, so, semi sequencial wasted spark.

Can I set it as 8cyl and use ignition events 1 and 4 that are 270 degrees apart, and have no cam sync?

Is there a way to connect a tip over switch/sensor on a timer? say, 5 seconds after the switch connects a input to ground the ECU shuts of the fuel pump?

Thanks in advance

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