Good AFR values in Idle Mode

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Good AFR values in Idle Mode

Post by SSC_Master » Mon Sep 03, 2018 8:15 pm

Hi Mates,

I’m a beginner and I’m running the Ecumaster EMU Classic on my 2JZ-GTE.

My question relates to the ability of tuning AFR values in Idle mode.

As I understood the system it allows two ways to control AFR in Idle mode.
Over the PID controller in the Idle section which passes control on a certain rmp to the EGO controller or use only the PID values of the EGO controller to cover the whole rpm range.

I was not successful by using Idle PID controller to get good AFR values in Idle rpm.

What strategy are you using to ensure good AFR values in Idle and also in higher rpm and load ?
I would appreciate it if you have a good example xx.emu how you reached good AFR in Idle mode


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