single turbo 1jz

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single turbo 1jz

Post by ryanaxberg » Thu Aug 30, 2018 7:00 am

I have a 1jzgte that starts and runs but it has something that sounds like a miss. It is firing on every cylinder though. I have it wired for sequential fuel injection and I have lq9 ignition coils. I have the timing set to 10 degrees on the ignition map and I have verified it with a timing light and it is at exactly 10 degrees. I have siemens deka 80 pound injectors also and I have set the fuel pressure 4 bar. I have pressure tested the whole system and there aren't any vacuum leaks anywhere. I have new spark plugs with .025 gaps. I have checked the compression of the engine and that is also all good. I've got new gas in it. I have used the test output feature and every fuel injector is working and every spark plug is firing. I kind of think it might be something isn't set up correctly for the cam or crank sensor. Can anyone knowledgeable see if they can see anything weird with the tune. Thanks
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