VERSION 1.111 - Staged Injection

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VERSION 1.111 - Staged Injection

Post by Jadzwin » Sun Mar 15, 2015 3:42 am

Hi there!

New software version is available with Staged injection support.

"Staged injection allows to secondary injectors set to be controlled by EMU. The strategy allows do define at percet of calculated fuel dose will be delivered by primary and secondary injectors (Staged inj. split table). Secondary injectors work in full group, and deliver fuel once per revolution (twice per cycle). Their dead time is defined in Staged inj. cal table."

More could be found in Help.

There is new option for password protection, that allows the user to see the log without correct password.

We start also to test new strategy for acceleration enrichment that allows full group injection during transient. It should substantially improve engine response to sudden acceleration. New parameter can be found in Acceleration enrichment parameters, however the full group strategy can change in next software releases (it is experimental)

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